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About Health Tourism

Therapeutic Tourism Review in Iran + Introduction of Medical Tourism Attractions in Iran

Three entities - the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Iran - are recognized as the authorities responsible for medical tourism in the country

?What is Therapeutic Tourism
Therapeutic tourism, sometimes referred to as health tourism, has a variety of definitions

:The World Tourism Organization (WTO) specifically defines health tourism as

Use of services that improve or enhance one's well-being and health (using mineral water, weather, or medical interventions) and last outside a person's place of residence ((more than 24 hours

The category of health tourism goes beyond therapeutic tourism so that warm and mineral waters and sludge treatment along with natural facilities also include health tourism

The global motto in health tourism is, facilities and services at the level of first or advanced world countries and prices and costs at the level of developing countries and .third world